Customer Service Specialist

Department: Customer Service

Reports to: Service Manager

Location: Indianapolis, IN USA

The Customer Service Associate is one of the most important jobs at Copper Mountain Technologies. Our customers are engineers all over the world who use our instruments to design, manufacture and support communications equipment and systems. Each customer order for a new set of instruments and accessories, or instruments for trial, or a rent, as well as repair and/or calibration is different, and it is up to the Customer Service Associate to take care of the customer’s needs and assist the customer with each specific order.

It is critically important to proactively communicate with customers regarding order fulfillment, repair timelines, order status, tracking information, commercial invoices, etc. Accurately assembling all the necessary products and carefully packaging and shipping them while reflecting everything in the ERP system are also very important for success in this role.

The Customer Service Associate works closely with service, sales and finance. Great communication skills, ability to work independently, the ability to prioritize tasks and strong attention to detail are a must!

Our USB VNAs are next generation analyzers designed to meet the needs of 21st Century engineers. Our VNAs include an RF measurement module and a processing module, a software application which runs on a PC, laptop or tablet, connecting to the measurement hardware via USB interface. CMT was awarded innovation and product leadership awards by Frost & Sullivan in 2015, 2017 and 2020. Become a member of the global team headquartered in Indianapolis.

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